Protest 2020

Several videos in this section were produced and donated to our site by Kiyoshi Taylor. These videos include testimonials from students and their negative encounters with members of the police, videos from the George Floyd Protests.

Encouraging Americans to Vote from Kyoshi.

Kenan Moos Testimonial

Prof. Nils Romer on the George Floyd Protests

Dr. Koyi Ugboma on the Covid Pandemic

Byron Williams

Larry Mallory

Kiyoshi Taylor’s Speech at the Protests in California

Priest Holmes

Kiyoshi Taylor’s video he created for the peaceful protest he organized.

Jeremy Butler

Justice Vanguard Geeta D. Testimonial

Richard Kingsberry

Odessa Jenkins

Some Thoughts

Our Seder

“Watching weddings by Zoom. I wonder who else has had this experience.”

Andre Johnson, Former NFL Player

Holidays during Covid

Larry Mallory on Covid

Freedom Cheteni on Covid-19


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