Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Generations Broadcasting is a forum where you can see past historical events told by the people that lived through them.
Now Generations Broadcasting is looking to the future and we are filling our digital time capsule with real people, giving real reactions to the current events that really matter today. Will people’s opinions change 5, 10, or 20 years from now? Will we still be talking about the same headlines? Will different global events change how we think, feel, or act?

Only time will tell.

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Episode Two

GBCTV.Net visited an NFLPA meeting. We asked attendees several questions relating to the NFL for the Time Capsule.

Episode One

A montage of videos of Trump speaking were shown to GBCTV.Net viewers. These viewers were asked the same three questions.

Episode Seven

The GBCTV.Net crew visited an NFLPA meeting and asked former players what their thoughts about the upcoming AAF league.

Episode Six

GBCTV.Net asked young people questions that pertained to the older generations history and pop culture. Their answers might shock you!

Episode Five

GBCTV went to UNT campus to ask random people what they think can be done to help the homeless population.

Episode Four

GBCTV asked people to send in submissions of what they thought of the baby boomers and the state they left america in for the millennials!

Episode Three

GBCTV asked people to send in submissions of what they thought of the wall that President Trump has proposed!

2020 Presidential Election
Sights and sounds from Washington D.C. after the AP announced Joe Biden’s projected presidential win.


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