Generations Broadcasting wants to know who do you want to spend Just 5 More Minutes With?
We preserve and share stories told by the people that lived them. To often when people pass on, so to do their stories.

Everybody has a story.

What’s your story?

Preserve them for generations yet to come.
Some of the services we provide:
Generations Broadcasting is looking to grow our network. We are looking for
Former Professional Athletes, Military Veterans, Medical Professionals, College Professors.

Host Your Own Podcast or be Part of a Round Table TV Show.
Generations Broadcasting will produce, edit, and promote your weekly show.
The Broadcasts will be on The Generations Broadcasting Platforms as well as other major Platforms.


When family members pass on so to do their stories. Preserve them before its too late. Share them with
great grandkids yet to be born. Show them family history as told by the people that lived it.
Let us digitally preserve your family stories and memories.


Corporations – Your company sponsorship will make it possible for us to continue capturing stories from military veterans and other important groups.
All stories matter. Let us digitally preserve your Corporate History.
Generations Broadcasting is producing a
Professional Athletes Docu Series about the lives of athletes on and off the field.
Please contact us if you would like to participate.


HBCU’s – Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
If you are a professional athlete that attended an HBCU, we would like to promote your story and give visibility to your former school.


Corporate Events.
Generations Broadcasting is available to come speak at your Corporate Events, and even produce a live Podcast or TV Show from your event.
Generations Broadcasting is seeking former professional athletes to join our sales team.


Contact us at [email protected]


Record & Share Your Story