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  • Virginia C. Maestri – 2

  • Topper Painter participating in 4H in Indiana

  • Topper Painter (far left) and some of his family

  • Front row right to left: Tillie Prengler, her father and her step grandmother.

  • Tillie Prengler is in the top row at the far right

  • From right to left: Tillie Prengler’s mother, her father and her father’s sister.

  • Ted Waller

  • Tase Bailey at bunker in Con Tien

  • Tase Bailey and family

  • Syl Benenson recognition

  • Syl Benenson write up

  • Syl Benenson pictured

  • Syl Benenson Honored Volunteer

  • Sadie and Louie Weitzman, Suzi Ablon's mother and father

  • Suzi Ablon

  • Suzi Ablon’s daughter Mazelle

  • Suzi Ablon’s Great Grandfather

  • Suzi Ablon’s Great Grandmother

  • Suzi Ablon’s 5 grandchildren

  • Suzi Ablon

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